The AV No Probllama

New group! New fun! New T-shirt!

The year(s) of COVID has brought us from hand-held phones to video cameras and multiple microphones. We’ve moved from shaky live streams to Facebook to simultaneous transmission to YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook. And now, as we move into the new church year in the fall, we are taking it all to a new level.

We are upgrading all our audio capabilities parish-wide. There will be a new audio/video control area in the back of the sanctuary. New speakers and new microphones. New video recording capabilities. All in to make our offerings to people both on-line and in person more accessible.

We’re looking for some social-media savvy volunteers to help with online moderation and could join this new ministry in September. Take a look above at the logo for a cool new t-shirt that will be available to those volunteers.

Also, we need some volunteers who want to learn about and assist with our video production and audio capabilities.

Lot’s of exciting new things going on for tech at St. Michael’s!

Please contact the office and we will pass along your contact information and get back to you about the details of this new group.