Solar Update

A lot happened in late July and early  August as your Green Team worked to supply written information and request letters of support, and to compile this information and give it to our solar contractor for its completion and final submission of the grant application to Pacific Power. This was all accomplished in a timely manner, and the application was submitted prior to the deadline of August 17th. We received many thoughtful letters of support from some of our building users, including TOPS (Taking Off Pounds Sensibly), Al-Anon, Women’s NA (Narcotics Anonymous) and Dances of Universal Peace.

Now we have a rather lengthy waiting period before we learn whether or not we have been approved. The time is somewhere between four and six months, so we may not get an answer until February of next year. But we feel confident, as does our contractor, that we will get good news.

This is an exciting time for St. Michael’s as we continue to move toward more sustainable ways of living and conserving our natural resources. We thank everyone at St. Michael’s who continues to support the efforts to raise the awareness of a greener world. We look forward to a positive response from Pacific Power; if so, expect to see the south-facing roof of the Nave filled with solar panels by late spring!