St. Michael’s Day Memories

One of my check-in questions this week with my Zoom small group was to share a memory of a past St. Michael’s Day celebration. It was a little disheartening that we found this to be a challenge. So far into this pandemic, we are forgetting what life was like before – how we would gather, how we marked special occasions, how we used to party.

I admit that I, too, found it challenging to remember, except that I will never forget St. Michael’s Day 2009. It was my very first Sunday as your rector, and I was extremely nervous. The pews were packed, the welcome was gracious and the joy was palpable. I remember making a joke about my age in my sermon, trying to break the ice – yes, you hired a 29-year-old with no rector experience. I was as curious as you were about how this was all going to work out.
Twelve years later, I am so grateful for the trust, the support, the humor and the love that this community has continuously offered me. I believe we were meant for each other. We have grown and deepened in our faith and have leaned in to each other and drawn closer to God through many, many heartaches and joys. I recognize that this year will again be different than years past, but I want to party with you. I want to celebrate the feast day of our saint and angels. Please join us for a courtyard celebration this Sunday. I will offer a Zoom link as well if you’d like to join us from home. Check the Facebook or YouTube stream for the link. I hope to see your faces.  

In gratitude,