Seeking your Participation!

This is an exceptional stewardship year, a year when we are living into our faith with hope and love as we go through a time of tumultuous change. As we consider what we will give of our treasure, let us also consider what we will give of our time.

At this critical moment, St. Michael’s needs our help and commitment to an extraordinary degree. We have 15 crucial openings for volunteers, all but two with 3-year terms. We need a treasurer, three members for the personnel committee, two people for the Endowment Committee, a new person to join Team Life, a convention delegate, and six people for the Vestry. Three of the Vestry members are needed for three-year terms and two for terms of one year.

In addition to these position, we welcome your participation in so many other ways! You can join an existing ministry, help out on an ad hoc basis, start a new ministry if you’re inspired! It takes all of of us doing our part to have healthy and loving community at St. Michael’s. You can talk to one of our vestry members listed below, or email Gloria in the office with your ideas.

The past three years have been a challenging time for all of us! As you look back, think about how much you needed and valued the presence of this church in your life. Please give serious consideration to how you can help revitalize and serve our church today, and reach out to one of your elected vestry members: Carl Braginsky, Helen Crandell, Stephanie English, Beth Ilem, Nicolas Meneses, Lynda Moses, Sheri O’Brien, Thrina Parent, Martha Pérez, Steve Walton and Ruby Welch. St. Michael’s needs you!