Rule Against Asylum Seekers

The St. Michael’s Advocacy Action Committee is asking you to review a rule against asylum seekers proposed by the current administration. After years of attacking the asylum system and the rights of those in need of protection, the “administration is proposing a rule that could effectively end asylum in this country once and for all. This is a critical moment with potential life or death consequences for some of the most vulnerable people in the world.” (from the Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc.)

Our faith teaches us to recognize the dignity and sanctity of every human being. This rule would deny those who need hospitality and protection the most.  This is a moment of crisis and calling for people of faith. Asylum seekers need you to raise your voice now.  

To submit a public comment: 
Here is a link to the click-to-comment campaign to learn more and submit your comment today. The opportunity to comment will end at 1:00 pm ET on Wednesday, July 15.