Prayers for the Journey

While we are still likely a ways off from reopening for regular in-person worship at St. Michael’s, we wish to create a few opportunities for you to prayerfully visit the space and draw near to the sacred center we share with one another. Between now and the end of August, we will offer three Saturday evenings where such a visit is possible. The sanctuary will be open for quiet prayer, accompanied by musical selections from Hannah, and the courtyard will have a path of four stations for prayer and reflection. You can come anytime between 5:00 pm and 7:00 pm on these Saturdays: July 18th, August 8th and August 22nd. You do not need to sign up beforehand to attend.

Please abide by the precautions we will be taking for these gatherings: 

  • Masks are required
  • Distance of six feet will be maintained between members of different household 
  • Follow the one-directional flow of traffic
  • Sit in the pew spaces that are pre-designated
  • Listen to the ushers and wait along Broadway for your turn if we are at capacity

There will be ushers at the red doors and courtyard doors to help maintain the direction of traffic and monitor capacity as well as to collect names of participants should the need for contact tracing arise. Our bathrooms will not be available during this time, except in cases of an emergency. Chris and James will be outside and available to visit with you at a distance while you are standing in line or emerging from the courtyard. As a helpful gauge of distance, keep in mind that the cement squares in the courtyard are about three feet by three feet, meaning you need to be about two squares away from the next person. We will have a livestream of the sacred-space broadcast to Facebook for anyone who would like to spend some time in prayer and quiet with the community while remaining home.

During a time when it can be easy to feel far apart, our hope is to provide opportunities to be together in new ways, albeit with the appropriate distance.  If you have any questions about these events, you may contact Chris or James. We look forward to seeing you there and in the other ways we have found to gather during this time.