Music for Holy Week

We are very pleased to continue our long-established tradition of inviting the Portland Brass Quintet to play for our Easter Sunday services. We look forward to the festive atmosphere they bring to such an important and joyful feast day.

Other musical highlights leading up to Easter morning include a traditional Irish carol called Jerusalem, to be sung in heterophony (each individual voice overlapping one another) on Maundy Thursday by the St. Michael’s Singers and Choristers spaced out around the church, as well as a special solo piano reflection after one of the Easter Vigil readings. Margaret Bonds’ Troubled Water is an incredible work that incorporates the tune of the Spiritual Wade in the Water. Bonds (1913-1972) was one of the first Black composers and performers to gain recognition in the United States and frequently collaborated with Langston Hughes. 

Join us at St. Michael’s this week for many other stunning musical moments to deepen your spiritual experience of Holy Week.