Ministry Description:

Acolytes serve in the liturgy to assist the congregation in worship.

Position Requirements:

  • Minimum age: 11 years
  • Must be available to serve at least two liturgies per month.
  • Must have sufficient understanding of the liturgy to be able to fully participate in the flow of worship.
  • Acolytes under age 17 must have parental support for this ministry, especially for arriving on time and selection of appropriate shoes and clothing.


  1. Communicate availability to acolyte director by the date requested, normally the 15th of each month for the following month.
  2. If unable to serve when scheduled, to find a substitute and report changes to parish office.
  3. Arrive 15 minutes prior to the liturgy rested and prepared to serve and wearing appropriate shoes and clothing.
  4. Light candles in the sanctuary in a reverent manner; light torches in narthex in preparation for entrance procession.
  5. Must be able to serve confidently as either torch bearer or banner bearer.
  6. It is normally the responsibility of the banner bearer to ring the bell prior to worship and to close the gates at communion time. In the absence of a banner bearer, one of the torchbearers must assume these responsibilities.
  7. All liturgical ministers are expected to be attentive in mind, body, and spirit during worship and to always be aware of one’s posture and its impact on the congregation.
  8. Attend Acolyte meetings as scheduled.