Let us Keep the (50-day) Feast!

Happy Easter! We’ve only just begun to celebrate. You might know that Easter is the pinnacle celebration of the church year. At the Easter Vigil, we ended the fast of Lent and welcomed Easter light and life with great rejoicing. Now, amidst the Great 50 Days of the Easter season, spanning from Easter Day to Pentecost, we are invited to embrace the transformative power of resurrection in our hearts, through our lives, and for the whole world.

You’ll notice there are some ways we mark this special time in our worship together. The altar hangings and vestments will remain white and gold, our language of prayer and song will lay on the “alleluias” extra thick, and the Paschal Candle will feature prominently in the church, leading our processions in and out of worship.

(The Paschal Candle is the large candle that carried new Easter fire into the church at the Vigil. It is sometimes called “the Christ Candle,” and is one of three primary symbols of Christ in our worship, along with the Cross and the Gospel Book. During Easter, the Paschal Candle is particularly appropriate as the prominent sign in our worshiping midst.)

I invite us to keep showing up during the Sundays of Easter and Pentecost. It is a time of great rejoicing and renewal, and the lightness of the season is especially conducive to nourishing the bonds of affection among us in community.

One special note – in keeping with the celebratory tones of Easter, we’ll enjoy the annual cake auction this Sunday during coffee hour. This time around, the proceeds have been designated to support our kitchen and closet ministry to neighbors. Please come ready to have fun and to be generous!

I am grateful for the meaningful Lent and Holy Week we shared, and for our joyful Easter celebrations last Sunday. It is a joy and honor to be in worship, community, and service with you. I believe we haven’t even imagined the future God has for St. Michael & All Angels, and I’m so excited to see it continue to unfold.

Alleluia! Let us keep the Feast!

With you,

The Rev. R. Scott Painter, Rector
Email: ScottP@stmaa.org