Where We Gather

17o4 NE 43rd Ave.Portland, OR 97213
The church office phone number is (503) 284-7141.

How do I get to St. Michael’s, and where can I park?

St. Michael’s is centrally located, so you have many options! St. Michael’s is close to the Hollywood Transit Center, where you can catch MAX (light-rail) or one of several bus lines. There are also bus lines which run along Broadway on the south side of the property and along Sandy Blvd., one block to the north. Some parishioners walk to St. Michael’s, and others ride their bikes. Bike racks are located in front of the church. Still others arrive via TriMet lift or Providence bus, which drops them right in front of the red doors.

If you prefer to drive, you also have options. St. Michael’s doesn’t have its own parking lot, but street parking is available, and two neighborhood businesses generously allow us to park in their lots on Sundays, evenings and at certain other times. Those are Broadway Medical Clinic, at 4212 NE Broadway, with two lots available on weeknights after 5:00 pm, after 12:00 noon on Saturdays, and all day Sunday. One of their lots is just east of the office building, and the other is to the north of the Chevron station at the corner of NE 42nd and Halsey. The parking lot of Liebert & Liebert CPAs, at 4300 NE Broadway, is also available at certain times. As you face the front of that building, the parking area to the right is leased by Broadway Medical Clinic and has the same day/time restrictions. The parking to the left of the building is available after 5:00 pm weeknights and all day Saturday and Sunday. This changes during tax season, January-April, but is available year-round on Sundays.

Please do not park in the Dollar Tree lot, to the south of the Liebert & Liebert building or in the Hollywood East parking lot (to the west of the high-rise).