Happy Pride Month!

“God is so Proud of You”

Even though Portland’s Pride Parade is in July this year, June is still internationally recognized as Pride Month. During Pride, queer folk are celebrated as beloved and beautiful, queer voices are lifted up and amplified, queer culture is delighted and rejoiced over, and queer rights are championed. While these are year-round commitments for many, Pride is a time set aside for joy and solidarity to be turned up by all LGBTQ+ persons.   

On July 16, St. MIchael’s will sponsor banners and gather a group to march in the parade after the 10:00 service. There is more information coming about this year’s theme for our participation, and I encourage you to attend the forum on this subject on June 18 after the 10:00 service.

From now until at least the Portland parade, a Pride flag hangs on the outside of our church to boldly proclaim that St. Michael’s is a safe place that rejoices in all LGBTQ+ siblings.

I believe this year, as much as ever, it is important for affirming churches like ours to be bold in blessing and standing with queer folk. Our baptismal covenant affirms that we will love our neighbors as ourselves and that we will respect the dignity of every human being. LGBTQ+ siblings are beloved of God and made in God’s image. Christ calls us to stand with all God’s children, and especially those who are vulnerable.

The rights of LGBTQ+ persons are not easily won and must not be taken for granted. Across the world the rights of queer and trans people are under attack (note: the many states targeting medical care for trans youth; and recent criminalizations with possible death penalty in Uganda; attempts to roll back civil protections in the courts; and violent harassment targeting LGBTQ+ folk, allies, and affirming businesses;) We must stand with those who are under threat in these trying times.

This month and always, let us witness boldly to God who is Love and to the belovedness of LGBTQ+ siblings made in God’s image; and let us identify St. Michael & All Angels as a safe and affirming community for those seeking refuge in community.



A PRIDE BLESSING (from St. John’s Presbyterian Church, San Francisco)

Beloved, there is only love.

In you, only love.
Around you, only love.

Not a touchy-feely, pop song kind of love.
But a love that knows every secret corner
of your fragile, fabulous being and says, “Yes!”

“Yes!” to your difference.

“Yes!” to your diversity.

“Yes!” to your desire.

Whoever you are,
whatever beautiful spirit
God created you to be,
shine fearlessly and courageously.