Godly Play Resumes

We are so happy to reopen our Godly Play classroom! Children in pre-K through 5th grade (parents and older siblings, too) are welcome to join the circle. We began last week with The Story of Creation and continue this coming Sunday, October 30, with The Flood and the Ark. The Godly Play classroom can be found on the lower level through the mural room, down the hallway to the left past the childcare room The goal is to begin class at 10:15 am and end at 10:50 am. Parents, please check your weekly email from Leslie with some suggestions for a successful start to the program. The specially trained Godly Play teachers are looking forward to this fall’s classes!

Godly Play Fall Story Calendar – I wonder which story will be your favorite?

October 23: Creation

October 30: The Flood & the Ark

November 6: The Great Family (told during Children’s Liturgy @ 9 & 11 o’clock – no 10 o’clock class today)

November 13: The Exodus

November 20: The Ten Best Ways

November 27: All-Parish Advent Fair – Nativity Hall at 10:00 am (no Godly Play class today)