Monday Book Group meets twice a month in the Raphael Room, and very occasionally at a participant’s home.

In June and July, the Monday Book Group will be watching a 20-minute video from Living the Questions, a set of DVDs created by progressive Christian scholars and theologians, and then discussing the ideas presented. The group decided to watch three videos that explore questions about Jesus to complement the nine-week study that Rector Chris Craun is offering on Monday evenings entitled Reclaiming Jesus.

In August, the group hopes to have a couple of potluck lunches at the homes of book group members where folks can enjoy good food, beautiful gardens and share readings, poems, books, or prayers that are meaningful to them. Summer is a great time to join the group, get to know us and see whether the friendship and exchange of ideas about life and faith might enrich your life. There is always a lot of laughter going on. Everyone is welcome!