Easter notes from Rector Chris

Happy Easter Week, St. Michael’s Family!

I will be honest and say that somewhere in my mind, I believed that once we got through Lent and Easter, this pandemic was going to be behind us. James and Hannah and I looked at each other after our Easter service and asked, “So now what?” Well, now we have the experience of how deeply we are able to engage; we are reminded of God’s love breaking through human suffering; we see Jesus is with us. And while grief continues to be a companion along the way, it is coupled with the exclamation of ALLELUIA! 

A few adjustments have been made to our online presence and offerings, so please do review the online calendar. Our devotions continue with morning prayer, Evensong, and compline. I will be making some bike ride-by hellos in the coming weeks. The Zoom dance party will move to 3:00 pm on Thursdays (including today, NOT 4)! We are still with you. You are still with us. Christ is alive! 

Christopher Craun +