Continuing Ed for Music Staff

St. Michael’s Music Director & Organist Hannah Brewer is out of town this week attending the American Guild of Organists National Convention in Seattle, along with Rev. Sherman Hesselgrave, Cliff Fairley and around 900 other organ-interested folks from across the country. Along with experiencing numerous organ recitals, performances and services in the area over five days, she is attending workshops and lectures on topics varying from Expanding the Canon: A Choral Reading Session of Historically Excluded Composers and Organ Music of Black Composers to Injury Prevention in Practice and Daily Life and Streaming: Best Practices.

St. Michael’s Choir Director Brian Fairbanks will also be engaging in some professional development later this month. He (and assistant choir director Kaeli Porter) will be attending Rod Eichenberger’s Choral Conductors Workshop in Seaside, Oregon, which is “designed for conductors of choirs at all levels, giv[ing] special emphasis to the important role non-verbal skills can play in rehearsal and performance.”

Your music staff is excited to be able to take time this summer to continue developing their skills and to gain inspiration from peers, colleagues and mentors before jumping into the busy upcoming fall season.