Commitment Season Updates

THANK YOU to all of you who have turned in your pledges, either during the services on our Ingathering Sunday last week or previously in the mail, collection basket or online. Here are our updates and goals as of November 16 for this year’s commitment campaign (update#/goal#):  

  * $474,905 / $625,000
  * 140 / 210 total pledges
  * 19 / 40 new pledges
  * 73 / 25 increased pledges    

If you’re wondering… yes, we’ll gladly continue to accept your pledges for the foreseeable future! We have a ways to go before we can fully fund our staff and ministries for 2024. If you’ve misplaced your pledge card, there are extras in the Gallery. We’re happy for you to pledge on the website, but please do turn in a card so that our count is accurate.

And don’t forget that we now offer digital pledge cards for those who would like to turn in a card electronically. Click here for English, and here for Spanish. These submissions will be sent only to Jackie Van Anda, our bookkeeper, and you will receive a confirmation email from the system.