A Note from the Interim Rector

Dear Friends,

[Drum roll.] Next Thursday, March 16, a separate eblast will be sent out which will include a letter of introduction from St Michael & All Angels’ new rector. I believe the plan is to notify both the St Michael’s congregation and the new rector’s current congregation at the same time.

Waiting for this news has been a source of frustration for many, so this is cause for great joy.

Our journey through Lent continues. The Rev. Dr. Robert Macauley will be our preacher this week, and the big story from John’s gospel this week is Jesus’s encounter with the Samaritan woman at the well.

I have been enjoying the Lenten book group and our discussions on Wednesdays. I offer a quotation by James K. A. Smith from this week’s reading: “To be human is to love, and it is what we love that defines who we are.”

Bishop Emma Ineson, the author, concludes Chapter 3 with a story:

                             “A clergy friend of mine went into a local primary school to take an assembly and subjected herself to a grilling by the children. She said that they could ask her any question they wanted to. ‘What’s the worst sin you’ve ever committed?’ Piped up one child. Without missing a beat my friend responded, “I can’t remember — and neither can God.”

Lenten blessings,

Fr. Sherman