2nd Sunday Advocacy Action

On Sunday, June 13, the Advocacy Action Committee will have postcards to sign in support of two clean energy bills currently making their way through the State Legislature.

HB 2842 would establish the Healthy Homes Program to provide financial assistance to low-income households and landlords to make repairs needed to create healthy homes and improve energy efficiency.

HB 2021, 100% Clean Energy for All would mean:

  • all of Oregon’s electricity will be generated using renewable or emissions-free resources
  • good jobs that hire local Oregonians, pay prevailing wages, and provide apprenticeship opportunities
  • community-based projects that increase independence, energy affordability, and disaster resilience  

Stop by the table in the courtyard between 10:00 and 11:00 am to sign postcards to be sent to your state senator and representative. Your signature is all that’s needed – the committee will take care of mailing them.