2021 Unsung Heroes of Hope Award

If you missed this part of the Annual Meeting, the “Unsung Heroes of Hope” award for 2021 was given to Hjalmer Lofstrom, for Burrito Love, a once-a-month gift to the neighborhood of burritos, water bottles and homemade cookies, which he started in September of 2020; and also awarded to Diane Walker, who has sent birthday cards to those parishioners over 65 for the past 35 years.

Chris Craun instituted this award seven years ago to honor one or two parishioners who were exceptionally supportive of St. Michael’s during the previous year. Earlier recipients were John Pedisich & Carol Ward (Employment Network), Jack Harper and Mitch Oglesby (Men & Women on Wednesday), Lynda Garner & Amy Valentine (Facilities and Festivities), Mick Seidl (Faithful Advocate), Nícolas Meneses Peña (Oraciones y Ministerio) and Dave Reilly and Dan Bagwell (Leading and Lighting).