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Discerning a vision for St. Michael & All Angels includes understanding our personal and community characteristics as we engage God’s dream for this place. On Sunday, May 7, Maria McDowell led the community in an exercise to help us reflect on our Anglican heritage and tradition as members of a unique, but distinctly Episcopalian, community. Which values from our tradition have we experienced here? Which ones do we want to be sure continue for future generations? Which ones are we called to develop?

John Westerhoff characterized Anglican spirituality and temperament in A People Called Episcopalians, a summary of which was provided in English and Spanish. During the Morning Forum and Misa, members were asked to indicate their personal preferred temperament and spirituality, and that of St. Michael & All Angels. The purposes was to see together both who we are as individuals, and how we perceive St. Michael & All Angels.

Below are charts displaying the results from the forums and online survey:

Anglican Spirituality

Anglican Temperament

What are our Strength, Opportunities, Aspirations, and Results?

The St. Michael & All Angels Dream Weavers facilitated the SOAR exercise at a Sunday Forum on May 21. Penny Hummel posed the question above to inspire inquiry, dialogue, and discovery of what the “wildest dreams” of St. Michael & All Angels might be.

Strengths: What are our greatest assets?
Opportunities: What can we improve, even innovate?
Aspirations: What is our preferred future?
Results: How do we know when we see it (what are the measurable results)?

The following are the answers from all four services.

¿Cuales son nuestras fortalezas, oportunidades, aspiraciones y sus resultados?

El grupo visionario de San Miguel y Todos Los Angeles, facilito un foro en 21 Mayo donde se expuso la pregunta “¿Cuales serian los sueños mas rebeldes de la comunidad de San Miguel?” La pregunta se hizo con el propósito de inspirar y crear un dialogo y sobretodo para descubrir lo siguiente:

Fortalezas: ¿Cuales son nuestras mayores ventajas?
Oportunidades: ¿Que podemos mejorar, que seria algo innovador?
Aspiraciones: ¿Cual seria el futuro deseado?
Resultados: ¿Como sabremos que lo hemos alcanzado? ¿Cuales seria los resultados alcanzables?

Las siguentes respuestas son de los cuatro servicios.

On May 28, Lindsey Hummel led the community in a fun Favorite Hymns exercise which engaged us in exploring the music that reflects the reality of our lives and our purpose as a congregation.  Participants were asked to identify a favorite hymn and then unpack how it revealed spirituality and community.

Favorite Hymns

  • I bind unto myself today… (370, St. Patrick’s Breastplate)
  • Beautiful Savior
  • In the Garden
  • My Shepherd Will Supply My Needs
  • I Will Rejoice
  • On Eagles Wings
  • The “old school” sung Lord’s Prayer
  • I Am the Bread of Life (335)
  • Abide with Me
  • Seek ye first… (711)
  • For All the Saints
  • Lift High the Cross
  • O Day by Day
  • Lord Make us Servants (593)
  • How Great Thou Art
  • I Want to Walk as a Child of Light (490)
  • Let all mortal flesh… (324)

Favorite Lines:

  • “Lord make us servants of your peace”
  • “Truly I love thee, Truly I serve thee”
  • “He brings my wandering spirit back”
  • “Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine”
  • “Servant of peace”
  • “Then sings my soul” — it does make my soul sing
  • “Child of light”

What they mean to us…

On Beautiful Savior

Jesus and His mother Mary are my dearest friends, comforters, examples of trust and love … trusted and most beloved advisors.

On St. Patrick’s Breastplate

Christ supports us in all ways (all directions)

On For All the Saints

Celebratory, uplifting, energizing, provides focus

On How Great Thou Art

My spirituality stems from my experiences of God – all are of a God of love and awesomeness

On I Am the Bread of Life

I really feel the Holy Spirit

On Let All Mortal Flesh

It connects me back to singing with my parents as a child.

The Complete Results:

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