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Favorite Hymns


On May 28, Lindsey Hummel led the community in a fun Favorite Hymns exercise which engaged us in exploring the music that reflects the reality of our lives and our purpose as a congregation.  Participants were asked to identify a favorite hymn and then unpack how it revealed spirituality and community. Favorite Hymns…(Read More)

What are our Strength, Opportunities, Aspirations, and Results? The St. Michael & All Angels Dream Weavers facilitated the SOAR exercise at a Sunday Forum on May 21. Penny Hummel posed the question above to inspire inquiry, dialogue, and discovery of what the “wildest dreams” of St. Michael & All Angels might be. Strengths: What are…(Read More)

    Discerning a vision for St. Michael & All Angels includes understanding our personal and community characteristics as we engage God’s dream for this place. On Sunday, May 7, Maria McDowell led the community in an exercise to help us reflect on our Anglican heritage and tradition as members of a unique…(Read More)