Worship & Liturgical Ministries

Our life as the people of God is expressed and renewed in the Sunday celebration of Word and Prayer and sharing the bread and wine of God’s Table.

This ministry involves members of the staff and vestry, several of the worship ministries of the parish and other interested parishioners to develop the worship life and experience of the congregation with “an adventurous spirit within the Anglican tradition.”

The Worship Commission serves as a council of advice to the Rector, who is the parish’s liturgical leader. The major festivals and observances are planned and reviewed with attention to the well-being of the congregation as a primary concern. In addition to regular meetings each year, there is extensive planning for Palm Sunday, Holy Week and Easter, as well as Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany.

Well-trained, well-prepared people working joyfully together enhance our praise and add great dignity to our liturgy as well as demonstrating the seriousness with which we take our worship of the Holy One. The following ministries are involved in leading or facilitating the liturgy each Sunday:

What an awesome array of people! Each liturgical ministry is strongly valued and carries a high level of expectation of those who participate. As leaders of worship in this community, all involved in liturgical ministry are expected to have made a commitment to Jesus Christ through baptism, to be regular in attendance at worship, to be faithful in studying and living the Gospel, and to accept responsibility for their particular ministry.

A Sunday Morning Ministries Schedule is published monthly in cooperation with the various ministry coordinators. This schedule is sent via email or “snail mail” to all Lectors, Eucharistic Ministers, Eucharistic Visitors, Acolytes, Ushers, Vestry Members, Children’s Liturgy of the Word Leaders, and Child Care Providers. It can also be accessed from a link on the Welcome Page under “Worship at St. Michael’s.”