Becoming a member

All persons are welcome to worship at St. Michael’s whether or not they are members. There are two categories of membership: baptized members and voting members.

Baptized members are those who:
  1. were baptized at St. Michael’s and have not transferred nor been confirmed elsewhere;
  2. were baptized in another denomination and have notified St. Michael’s clergy that they wish to be members of the parish;
  3. were members of another Episcopal or other Anglican parish and have transferred to St. Michael’s. (To arrange a transfer from another Episcopal or other Anglican parish, call the St. Michael’s parish office.)

Voting members are those members who are entitled to vote at the Annual Meeting and other Parish Meetings. Voting Members are:

  1. baptized;
  2. at least 16 years old;
  3. have received Holy Communion at least three times in the previous year;
  4. have contributed to the support of the parish and have regularly attended worship for the previous six months.
If you would like to know more about membership to St. Michael’s or have further questions, please contact The Rector, Christopher Craun.