Guadalupe Pilgrimage in 2018


The Guadalupe Experience is a guided visit to Mexico City and Cuernavaca hosted by the Revs. John & Alice Scannell. It will take place from Thursday, October 25, through Saturday, November 3, and will include the observance of El Día de los Muertos, or The Day of the Dead.

The Guadalupe Pilgrimage is led by a community of Benedictine Sisters. Their companion community in the US — the monks of Weston Priory in Vermont — provides organizational support. We will experience the realities of the life of the people through presentations and by visits with the people with whom the Benedictine Sisters work. We will also share in the worship life of the community and learn about the sisters’ formation in liberation theology and its practice. It is not necessary to be a Spanish speaker to fully participate.

The cost is $850 for the 10 days, which includes the initial $200 non-refundable registration fee. This price includes all meals, transportation in Mexico and lodging at the retreat center. Each person purchases their own air transportation to Mexico City.

For information and to register (space is limited), contact the Revs. John & Alice Scannell at 503/284-2618 or For further details, please check see, at Latin American Experience.

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