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Together at the Red Doors

Dear Ones,

Thank you for joining us in both virtual and physical ways to celebrate St. Michael’s Day last Sunday. It was a joy and a gift to come through the red doors and see some of your faces waiting expectantly to receive communion. I didn’t realize how fulfilling it would be to distribute the Eucharist, once again, into your open hands. We found that there was an easy flow that was quite manageable and respectful of needed distance between people and everyone had their masks. We hope to continue to distribute each Sunday!

This Sunday, we will also be blessing animals! If you come to receive communion, please line up six feet apart from the red doors out along the Broadway side. If you have an animal to be blessed, come to the courtyard and line up toward Sandy Blvd. If you can’t or don’t want to bring your pet in person, please send a photo of him/her/they to Gloria for a Blessing of the Animals slideshow.

I’m looking forward to more of you!

Peace, Chris +


Remind us of our own souls

Dear ones,

This is a prayer that gave me support this past week. It’s by Nadia Bolz-Weber.

God of many names,

We don’t know how to feel less tired.

We don’t know how to vanquish our own fears.

We don’t know how to live through a global pandemic and anti-black violence and wildfires and hurricanes.

We don’t know how to sustain the effort it takes to not completely freak out, and the effort it takes to keep from freaking out is one of the things that is making us so tired.

So we need some reminders right now, Lord.

Remind us that for every tragedy that’s “newsworthy” there are a million kindnesses, and countless acts of love that go unreported.

But more than anything, remind us of our own souls. Remind us that there is an essential, holy, un-hurtable part of ourselves that never tires, that does not know fear, that is un-affected by other people, that cannot be irritated, that has nothing to achieve.

If taking a few deep breaths reminds us of our truest center, then nudge us to breathe. If laughing reminds us of what is most true, then nudge our friends to send funny texts. If eating a vegetable now and then reminds us that our bodies need us, then give us the will to make a salad.


Click here for the full text.



What next, God?

Dear ones,

I feel the tension, the edge, the uncertainty, the wonder of, ‘What next, God?’ We continue to believe that we are preparing for one thing, and then we are called to respond to yet another chaotic twist to the world around us. We are experiencing a different level of fatigue, a different level of isolation and bewilderment.

And yet we are still here. St. Michael’s is with you. God is with you. Your staff and clergy are hard at work checking in with the communities and places that are most affected by the fires across our state and will be collecting ways in which we can respond to share with you. We will tune in together on Sunday morning and pray and sing and listen to the heartbeat of our family. Team L.I.F.E. will host our post-church Zoom hour as an opportunity for us to connect to one another and pray for one another and even perhaps play with one another. Please take care of yourself. Care for your loved ones. Reach out in compassion. Pray for the healing of our world.



As we adjust to this new normal, please know that we’re doing everything we can to stay connected with all of you.

  • The church office is closed at least through April. With very few exceptions, only staff is allowed to enter the building.
  • We will monitor the office voice mails as much as possible, so please leave us a message if that’s the best way for you to communicate: 503/284-7141. You may continue to email Gloria with general information or to ask a question.
  • The clergy are available through texts or calls on their personal cell phones. If it’s not an urgent matter, please email them: ChrisJames and Matthew DavidBeto is temporarily out of the country for an urgent family situation but will return as soon as possible.
  • If you wish to mail in a donation or communicate with a staff member by note or letter, we are picking up the mail on a regular basis. Our bookkeeper continues to count all donations and make deposits weekly.
  • The home page of the website (which is where you probably found this page) is the best place to see the calendar of what’s happening now, to watch live-streams and to check the video archive.

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