James Joiner

Our Prayer Lives

Several of my recent sermons here in the transition from summer to fall have revolved around the theme of prayer – sometimes concrete practices, sometimes more general reflections. I sometimes wonder if it’s wise to preach about prayer, because inevitably the topic will bring up many questions and conversations, and it can feel more nurturing to address these in small groups or other settings tailored specifically for new learning and growth. I’m reminded of this when someone remarks after a sermon, “Oh, I’ve been praying all wrong!” or “I’ve never had an experience like that!”

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Connection and Engagement

While much uncertainty reigns for many reopening plans in church and beyond, there are still several ways to connect with fellow parishioners on our shared journey of faith

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The Gift of Seeing You

It’s always the things that other people bring, the way someone reads a reading, a particular anthem, that catch me off guard and break my heart open a little bit so the Spirit can get in.

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