During the choir year (from September through May) Evening Prayer is chanted every Wednesday at 6:30pm with members from the choir and our Music Director and organist. A handful of folks have been gathering at other times as well to chant the Daily Office, here’s the full schedule for this the last week in September:

Monday the 9th Morning Prayer, 9:00am sung
Tuesday the 10th Morning Prayer 9:15am sung
Tuesday the 10th Evening Prayer 5:30pm sung
Wednesday the 11th Eucharist, 12:00pm spoken, celebrating Phillip the Deacon
Wednesday the 11th Evening Prayer, 6:30pm sung

For the Daily Office, the Red Doors will be open a few minutes prior to the service, if you arrive earlier you can buzz in at the glass front doors. For the Wednesday Eucharist, the glass front doors should be unlocked before the service.