St. Michael’s Solar Update


About a year ago, the Green Team at St. Michael’s held a Forum on solar and talked about the benefits and why we might want to consider installing a system to reduce our fossil-fuel energy dependence and also reduce our energy costs by using a clean source of energy. Since that time, we have accomplished a lot: installed a new roof on the south side of the Nave; replaced all possible electrical bulbs that were either incandescent or CFL’s with LED bulbs, which are now the most efficient bulbs on the market; and signed up with our electrical company to participate in their Blue Sky Program, which works to create more power from clean renewable resources like solar and wind. All of this work was critical in taking the next steps toward solar power for St. Michael’s.

We are now in the process of getting bids from contractors and will present our findings to St. Michael’s Vestry in November. There was a meeting with one contractor earlier this month, and we got some very exciting news about maximizing our solar capacity and reducing our costs. In the end, it will be up to the Vestry to decide whether or not we move forward with this project.

At the present time, there is perhaps only one other church in our diocese that has installed a solar array for their community. We have an opportunity to help others move in this positive direction, take a leadership role and be an example in our communities. Let’s keep moving forward and working toward a better future for all. We can be that beacon of light.

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