Celebrate the New Year with the Monday Book Group! The group meets in the Raphael Room at 1:00 pm on the second and fourth Mondays of each month. On January 8 and 22, they will be discussing The Parables of the Kingdom by Robert Farrar Capon. Capon was an Episcopal priest, author and chef. This book is the first of a trilogy on Jesus’ parables. One Barnes and Noble review says, “These studies offer a fresh, adventurous look at all of Jesus’ parables.” A Goodreads reviewer wrote, “Probably the most fun commentary on Scripture you’ll ever read…Pushes to the outermost edge of my theological ‘comfortability.’ Mostly ‘amens’ but a few ‘ehhhs’ from me.” One reader comments, “This is an excellent book to read if you like having your theological mind challenged.” Another reader wrote, “On the purely stylistic level, Capon writes with immense intelligence, literary skill, and pitch-perfect humor…Regarding his theology, I warmed to it immediately. It is a life-giving breath of air to me…”

All are welcome on Mondays in January to discuss, laugh and be challenged.

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