Dream Weavers Vision Statement & Online Survey


Thank you to everyone who has participated in the visioning process thus far. Your Dream Weavers team met in January to review all the data (aka “Holy Conversations”) and to develop a draft vision statement for our community to reflect upon during Lent. This draft vision statement was unveiled to the parish at the Forum on Sunday, February 18. Please click here for the power point which was presented at the Forum and offers insight into what the Dream Weavers have discerned so far about our community.

What the Dream Weavers want to know is: Does this vision statement reflect who we are as a community and where we want to go? Does it articulate God’s wildest dream for St. Michael’s? Our hope is that reflecting upon what our community’s vision should be will enrich your Lenten journey this year. We welcome your input: please participate in the online survey.

After Lent, we’ll continue to refine the vision with the goal of completing the process by Pentecost. You can find more information about our work on the church website (www.stmaa.org), or just ask a member of the Dream Weavers team: Gladys Alvarado, Beto Arciniega, Bruce Collins, Chris Craun, Holly Denniston, Penny Hummel, Fabian Ramirez, Lindsey Ramsey and Tim Sackett.

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