Silent, contemplative prayer is a practice which many find to be a nourishing discipline in the midst of a busy, noisy world. The Centering Prayer group has met consistently since 2003. Participants gather at St. Michael’s House at 7:00 pm on first and third Mondays from the fall through the spring and typically meet once a month during the summer.

Based on the historical Christian silent-meditation practices espoused by Fr. Thomas Keating and Oregon Contemplative Outreach, there are typically two 20-minute silent “sits” that bookend a short time discussing a designated book or Bible passage (Lectio Divina). A core of faithful practitioners meets to “hold space” in their lives and in community — to develop mindfulness, as a place for the sacred to enter into their daily lives and in support of their personal spiritual journey and contemplative practice.

All are welcome to just show up, or contact the church office, Paul LaCroix, Hans Carter or Tim Sackett for more information.

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