Sunday, April 22, was Earth Day. The liturgies on that day reflected the goodness of God’s creation and the need for our ongoing stewardship of that creation. We have big news about our environmental efforts! We recently found out that we were awarded the ecumenical Greenfaith Certification, a two-year environmental leadership program for houses of worship. The goal of this program is to give these communities the resources they need to put into practice a working program that inspires, educates, and mobilizes people around environmental stewardship with the belief that it is a religious value and a moral responsibility.

We took the plunge about three years to begin the certification process, and through the efforts of many fine people, we’ve completed the journey to become a Greenfaith Certified community of faith. On Earth Day 2018, we celebrate reaching this goal. Through this process, we have been inspired to do more and are now looking at potentially reducing our carbon footprint even further by letting the sun’s energy produce about 25% of our electrical cost. We hope to realize that goal in the spring of 2019. Members of the Green Team offer their thanks to all who are helping and supporting our efforts.

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