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Back by popular demand, local artist and St. Michael’s parishioner Annette Sabater, whose child began medical treatment to transition from an adolescent boy into a young woman at age sixteen, is showing her collection about this journey again at the Cerimon House from September 9-17. This exhibit, entitled An Iris Stands Tall: A Mother’s Journey, a Daughter’s Transition, may be seen on the weekends from 2:00 to 5:00 pm and weekdays from 5:30 to 7:30 pm. The Cerimon House is located in NE Portland just off Alberta St. Click here for more information about the artist, the exhibit and the Cerimon House.

Thank you to everyone who has participated in the visioning process thus far! In August, led by Bruce Collins with the assistance of Lindsey Ramsey, our community created a map showing where home is for each of us, and how we are engaged at St. Michael’s and in the world.  The combination of photos, words and pins gives powerful testimony to the breadth and depth of who we collectively are as the members of St. Michael’s.  If you haven’t already seen it, be sure to take a moment to enjoy this inspirational map in the Parish Hall.   

Coming up are two fall Forums on Sundays, September 17 and 24, at 10:10 am in the Nativity Hall. For those Forums, we will engage in conversations about the flame cutouts (representing God’s dreams for St. Michael’s) that we created in June and also continue the discussion about our community’s strengths, opportunities and aspirations and the results we want to collectively achieve. Click here for the results of our discussions and surveys, or follow the links from the Dream Weavers heading at the top right of the Welcome Page.

In October, we’ll be kicking off a series of home-discussion groups, called Wonders and Signs:  Reflecting on Sources of Transformation in our Community. Led by members of the Dream Weavers team, these events will explore what’s happening at St. Michael’s through four lenses:  Life in community, study and learning, prayer and worship, and action.  We encourage all members of the community to join us for one of these discussions; dates and sign-up opportunities will be available soon. 

Want more information about the visioning process?  You’ll find information on the church website ( or find a Dream Weaver (Gladys Alvarado, Beto Arciniega, Bruce Collins, Chris Craun, Penny Hummel, Maria McDowell, Fabian Ramirez, Lindsey Ramsey and Tim Sackett) and ask us!  Our plan is to complete the visioning process by Pentecost 2018. 






Religious-education classes for children in pre-K through the fifth grade will resume on September 17 and continue on most Sundays throughout the school year during the 10 o’clock hour, between the 9:00 and 11:00 am services. Classrooms are located on the lower level around the corner from the Childcare and mural room. On the 17th, the lesson will be The Circle of the Church Year and The Holy Family on the 24th.

Godly Play is a religious-education program designed for children to hear and explore stories from sacred scripture in a classroom specifically fashioned for hands on learning. Godly Play also incorporates stories that help children better understand Episcopal liturgical practices and the seasons of the church year. Central to the Godly Play experience is the telling of a sacred story, followed by an opportunity for the children to ponder “wondering questions” that lead them deeper into the meaning of the story, their relationship with God and with one another. Open ended art response material and the opportunity to work with the story material give children the opportunity to process and reflect on the sacred stories and liturgical practices that are presented. The Godly Play program mirrors the structure of the Episcopal liturgy and the classroom is cared for as sacred space.

In September and October, the Monday Book Group will read and discuss Marcus Borg’s Speaking Christian: Why Christian Words Have Lost Their Meaning and Power—And How They Can Be Restored. Buy your copy of this informative and provocative book and join us on September 11 and 25.

The Monday Book Group meets in the air conditioned Raphael Room the second and fourth Mondays from 1:00 to 2:30 pm. Surprisingly, the cool air is not the best feature. That would be the serious, respectful discussions about the books they read, including the Marcus Borg book mentioned above. The Spirituality and Practice website says the book is, “A wake-up call for churches to redeem the Christian language from its imprisonment within literalism, dogmatism, and a heaven-and-hell framework.” Speaking Christian is available in paperback. The group will discuss Chapters 1-7 for the September 11 gathering, and 7-12 at the September 25 meeting. All are welcome whether you have read the chapters or not. 

Kids Connection is a ministry for students in the Godly Play 2 classroom (grades 2-5) who get together for fun, fellowship and ministry enrichment. Next up is a trip to the Portland Art Museum on Saturday, November 4, to see Animating Life: The Art, Science and Wonder of Laika. More information coming soon!


This fall, the Outreach & Justice Ministries of St. Michael’s will be discussing deserving programs which could use our help. We try to send to smaller ministries for which our dollars would mean a great deal. One such organization is Quilts for Empowerment, a pathway for obstetric- fistula survivors in Kenya to support themselves after repair surgery. QFE is an Oregon nonprofit which was started in 2015 by a Portland quilter. Some of the beautiful work they do will be on display and for sale at the church later this fall. 

All always welcome to become part of the regular O&J discussions; our meetings take place on the first Thursday of each month at 7:00 pm in the Parish Hall.