Alice Scannell’s inspiring new book, “Radical Resilience: When There’s No Going Back to the Way Things Were,” shows how we can work through life’s adversities and live into our new normal without losing our sense of self. A short but powerful read, “Radical Resilience” offers practical skills that empower us to weather the storms of life’s stressful setbacks. Inspiring stories illustrate how the skills work to build our resilience, and the suggested ways to practice the skills are adaptable to any lifestyle. The book is available through Amazon for $12.99. It can also be ordered for you by your favorite bookstore.

Alice Scannell has been a member of St. Michael & All Angels since 1979. She is a gerontologist, researcher, educator, musician and Episcopal priest. She was Director of Music at St. Michael’s from November 1979 through June 1984. Her husband, John, is St. Michael’s Rector Emeritus.

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